A Wise Roach Slayer Once Said," Roaches Must Die!!!" Seriously What Do They Other Then Spread Disease?

Roaches......The most disgusting bugs ever. I learned some new things that I didn't want to know about them today..... You can become allergic to roaches if you inhale, or accidentally eat something with the allergens that they produce. (The allergens come from the roaches poop. Yuck!!!)

I can't believe that I didn't use my Roach Slaying powers to kill the four fugitive tree roaches that broke into our house!! Instead of destroying them I took them to our neighbor's yard and said," Go! Live your life, and don't even let me catch you again." And I walked away feeling happy! I was totally going against my Roach Killing nature by doing that!!! I have concluded that those accursed Tree Roaches brainwashed me!!! That's right! Brainwashed!!! I didn't have any desire to kill them, and I suddenly started hating the sight of Raid. (They either brain washed me or I'm slowly turning into a giant tree roach)

Thankfully I came to my senses!!!!! I will never let my talent for killing Roaches go to waste. I will not let my Raid can collect dust on the shelf in my super secret room where I first became The Roach Slayer!!! I will bring justice to this household once again! There will be no Roaches left to poison my food, or make my mom and siblings scream and run in fear!!! I will be victorious!!

*Where I live we have a terrible problem with bugs!!! And we live right next to four huge pine trees so we get a ton of tree roaches!!! They're huge!!!*


¿나디아? said…
haha! i know we have a lot of trees in our yard and we get them to. and yes they are a crazy size.

if you put salt on your carpet (Note: only if you have carpet.)

i will get ride of fleas, ticks, roaches, and June bugs. :)

hope that helps.
Emily said…
I have only seen 1 roach in my WHOLE life. It was when I lived in Florida, I am glad that there aren't really any where I live. I hope next time the roaches will not brainwash you...Good Luck next time!
Nancy Face said…
When we first moved into our house (when Zach was a baby) we had a big old tree with a rotting hole in the center of the trunk. One night Kris Face saw something moving on the tree trunk, so he grabbed a flashlight and beheld TONS of huge roaches coming out of the hole in the tree! EEEK!

We had the bug man come and completely fill the hole with bug poison, hoping to wipe them all out. But no...it just made them drunk and sickly, and they all climbed out of the tree in the bright sunlight, staggering as they went! They climbed out along the branches of the huge tree, then dropped to the ground in their drunkenness! EEEK! There were AT LEAST 100 of the huge nasty beasts, staggering all over our yard...it took like a day or two before they were all dead! EEEK!

Needless to say, we chopped down the tree.

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