Monday, March 24, 2014

My Mission Call Story!!!

Okay so this picture was actually taken the day AFTER I got my mission call. I got a text Saturday afternoon from my dad saying that it was in. A few minutes after my mom, and siblings started texting. Needless to say, I. Was. Excited. But I was scheduled to work until close, and I wanted to wait to share it with my family. So it was closing time, and the LDS kids who just got out of the dance ALL came in. My milkshake making hands were killing me, and I really wanted to get home and hold my call. But if there is one thing that I learned these past couple months is that patience is everything. All the things that happen, are done in the Lord's time, and I just need to be prepared!

I opened my call 7:00pm on Sunday. My boss Kassie, her son Sterling, Loren (from work), my Hawaiian grandma Sister Johnson, my grandma and uncle, my bestie Janice, and then my dad's family all came!! Oh! And my friend Alexis (Panama City) was on the phone!! I loved having the people that mean so much to me there! I seriously started sobbing the second after I read "Dear Sister Cordova"...

NEVADA LAS VEGAS, SPANISH SPEAKING!!!! I could not be more excited right now!!! Oh and I report on the 25th of June!!! It is coming up to quickly! AND my dad used to go to the church school in Mexico, which is now the MTC, which is where I will be in less than 3 months!! Whuuut! The Lord has a plan for us, no doubt about it! Also my grandma wrote me a letter in Spanish, (which I can't read because I am Spanish inept), I pretty sure this is answer to her prayers! A Spanish speaking granddaughter! Hola!! (no really, that's a Spanish word right?)

My mission area covers not only Las Vegas, but also parts of California AND Arizona!! (I knew that dream meant something, even though Tempe is not included) ;)

My best friend!! I love her! And I am so thankful that she came to support me. And I totally  didn't dress like a hobo to open my call. I was in a dress! I changed out of the dress because uh... like wearing shorts and t-shirts.... a lot. 

This is the amazing house of the Lord that I had the privilege of attending many times this week! I cannot wait to make more sacred covenants with Him. I have so much to be thankful for! My heart is full, I am so happy, and I cannot even express how excited I am to be a minister of the Lord's work!! Ahhh!!!! 


Zach Kircher said...
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Nancy Face said...

SQUEEE! This is so, SOOO happy! Congratulations!

I saw your exciting news on Facebook, just as I was about to email Zach Face for the week, so I was able to tell him! Here's what he replied on Monday morning:

"That is really great to hear. I am excited for soon-to-be Hermana Cordova! Las Vegas will certainly be a fun mission for her to go to!"

I agree - and they will be blessed to have you there!

Lauren said...

Thank you Zach and Nancy!!!! I am so excited to serve! My email is, I would love to get his emails!! :)

Lauren said...

hahah. sorry!

Nancy Face said...

Happy, happy birthday! YAY!